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February 18, 2018, 01:17:37 PM
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1  General Category / build / Foxy's Stribe 16 - The ruggedization and resurrection on: March 04, 2010, 02:14:02 PM
The Stribe 16 has been used a few times since you last saw it, problem is its a thick brute and there is a lot of wire inside to go wrong, somehow along the way mission creep struck and wires would drop off, the screws and bolts would come loose, the max/msp patches were never all that good and basically it was a toss up between taking it onstage and wondering if it would crap out on me or if it might get through the show. The Aurora i never got on with, I love the knob layout but the whole thing never really did it for me.

This is nothing to do with curiousinventor's design or josh's approach this is just base casework. Fine for a studio it won't do for gigging!

I wanted a rugged Stribe and knobs!

Last week the Monome 128 suffered catastrophic failure and the Stribe failed to light up at all, so I sold the 128 and am getting a Greyscale 64, but the Stribe is going to be reborn into one tuff l'il unit.

Here you go:

This is a big block of 5083 Aluminium which I will be having hewn into shape on a 5-axis miller in my university's 3D workshop and then hard anodized. Next to it is the original Stribe 16 with the acrylic tops which works well enough as a protoype but is thick and heavy. Reengineering it will make it thinner and a *much* lower profile controller. I have found a way to save height, add knobs *and* minimize the number of internal cables.

With some careful thinking about the way the boards will go I can shave off at leave half the thickness to 28mm. That's dictated by the 27mm or so for the Stribe Shield (on a Seeeduino) and 20mm for the stribe itself It'll be heavier but less likely to bend, bow, buckle, break and otherwise cause issues that means I cannot setup without hardware issues.

The Stribe's resurrection starts by removing it from its case (which was recycled in the plastics department) -- here we have just half of them  and taking apart each part of it and reassessing the board design for ruggedness, stability and overall design suitability for a performance tool. With the shortcomings in mind I can retrofit some strengthening to the boards and the whole thing will be milled in one go.  I am not a CAD person or at least not with 5-axis milling machines so I sit with Howard who runs the department and we go through each aspect of how I want it to be and how it will appear.

Its a Screwless device -- the only threaded sections so far are part of the fader board. Each finger channel can be chamfered as well as the top and the bottom. I might as well put a bloody Apple logo on it.
2  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: October 20, 2009, 01:02:30 PM
that would be lovely, thanks. my email is fox@vixen.demon.co.uk

Re: The Monome stuff I have been waiting for the plastics for the Arduinome to arrive as there was an alignment cock up on the first plastics sheet but we reused it, cut bigger holes out of the same sheet and turned it into a sub-plate. Should be back tomorra and that's controller 2 ready for the stainless wraparound sides

In the meantime I am making my final controller (Buttons=Monome, Sliders=Stribe and Knobs=???)-- its an Aurora-alike based on the Hale Micro UMC32 USB interfacing card (I had an Aurora board but it got totalled by an unattended soldering iron and a cat) so thought I would do my own thing -- reusing the plastics etc...

Then I can get back to composing:

3  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: October 06, 2009, 04:33:07 AM
It lives!

Both sides of the 8 x 2 Stribe panes work. All I need do is get a version of the max/msp patch to make all 16 channels accessible -- perhaps see if it can be done in puredata. Any tips on getting all 16 working as 2 arduino-based units Scott? Josh?

This is going to be a lot of work for me. But so far so good. I've gotten this far... Its just some finishing touches and software from now in...

The lights look quite dim in the photo but with the lights down low (I play in almost total darkness when performing live) these are more than fine.

4  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: October 03, 2009, 01:56:35 PM
Ok some progress as you can see:

So the work starts on getting these controllers finished so I am not resorting to performing with circuit boards in a cardboard box. 16 Stribe boards, one powered USB Hub and two Arduino controllers with a Curiousinventor shield/multiplexer per controller so its logically and physically 2 x 8 Stribe Faders.

I've made this very strong as I intend playing live with it. The only thing I need to return to screw wise is rubber grommets under the USB card and Arduino. Here half of the Softpot touch sensitive faders are in place with the other half waiting to go.

A portrait of the artist geeking out...

Assembled but not yet completed... or tested... Fortunately the recesses for the faders line up. The edge will have a perforated stainless steel strip. In the meantime I am making a Power supply to fit in the space provided next to the USB port. Might as well make it universal 110/240v -- with locking IEC socket.

5  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: August 26, 2009, 09:55:52 AM
This is what the Stribe bar looks like with a sheet of smoked acrylics between the bar and the user. Its quite visible in daylight so it'll be fine in clubs where I will work in near total darkness.

This is the best iset trade off beyond which I go crashing on full draw.

Now all I have to do is wait for the cases to come back from the acrylics people. Monome, Stribe and Aurora projects will all be encased similarly (the Aurora I have yet to start)...

6  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best way to connect on: August 23, 2009, 09:52:17 AM
The layout has changed a bit to more look like this: I've been looking at ways of making the whole lot: Stribe, Arduinome plus Laptop(s) and any other hardware fit in a standard ottercrate suitable for carry-on -- the setup was just too wide by 4 inches. My initial plan was for a light, but moreover transportable system that I can set up in minutes, perform my gig and be gone, and I noticed non-minimal function creep starting so I'm going to reduce everything starting with the 192 buttons to 128 + LCD and 8 knobs.

The Stribe 16 will (as a consequence of the ribbon cable) have a big chin below the faders (like an iMac) the Griffin Powermate can remain standalone and sit on the chin and maybe add buttons if there is room. Maybe have room for two banks of 8.

The final part of this will be the Aurora mixer which can also have assignable knobs - so no loss if the Stribe remains like a minimal Xenome x 2. There's plenty of controller action going on here!

7  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best way to connect on: August 17, 2009, 06:19:11 AM
Ok got the optimal iset values sorted and am now at the stage of laying out everything logically. I have decided on two groups of 8 faders rather than a single unbroken bank of 16. My mind works that way... There will be the knobs to the right with an additional USB knob from Griffin. This I am adapting to take harsh treatment, scratching and so on. An additional stribe goes between or under the Monomes. I have a special use for that.

Full build pic feed is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanais/
8  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: August 13, 2009, 08:15:20 AM
can anyone help with the adding extra knobs information?
9  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best way to connect on: August 08, 2009, 06:04:33 AM
Curiousinventor got me some custom smoked acrylics cut for me plus I ordered 16 softpots -- all are cleared for delivery Monday so the next phase of the build is about to begin!

I would at this point like to make use of the unused analog channels on the shields that I am using and (I am assuming I can utilize 7 extra knobs per 8 faders -- I can do a LOT with 14 mapped knobs for fixed parametric sweeps, filters and so on and a centering X Y would be cool too) and I was wondering if there is any additional data on adding these inputs via the stribe shield?
10  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: July 23, 2009, 02:09:53 PM
Yep AS1107s are just fine... here's a shot to prove it...

The first bank of 8 stribes work just fine.

Now to get the last batch of AS1107s and finish the other stribe bank and I can start to think about casing it and ways to incorporate the 4-port USB hub for the 2 Arduino boards, a gooseneck light for reading onstage and an external port for daisy chaining the Arduinomes.

I want a bit more light from the yellow LEDs so I will also change the resistor settings next.
11  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: July 20, 2009, 12:30:16 PM
I can confirm the AS1107s work perfectly. Assembled 8 x Stribes and ran the spinning flag demo.

12  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: July 19, 2009, 10:03:00 AM
Glad to be able to contribute in some small way.

I'm quite raw to max/msp so I fear a lot of my headscratching will be to rework the 2 x 8 Stribes into one contiguous block...

plus knobs..
13  General Category / build / Re: Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best way to connect on: July 19, 2009, 04:07:20 AM
cheers, 2 Arduinos (1 x per Cool it is then. Will address power issues when it all comes together. I may have a spare powered hub that will slip in nicely. Have ordered some acrylics and softpots. I will start to get this mega-Stribe finished before term starts (I am going to be a BA student of Sonic Arts here in London from September) and hope to incorporate this Stribe into my working toolset.

so far I have received the shields and assembled almost all of the MAX7221 compatible LED drivers assembled (pictured are just 3). Just 1 more needed for 8 Stribes and I have started saving and scraping round for the other 16 needed. I am at present building 8 Stribes with Austrian Microsystems AS1107 chips which are *much* cheaper than the MAX drivers.

14  General Category / hardware / Re: Custom Stribe Duo with Joystick and two Pots on: July 19, 2009, 03:49:48 AM
is there any documentation for adding extra pots and controllers to the stribe?
I'd sure like to add a few.

15  General Category / build / Foxy's 16 stribe monster - best wat to connect on: July 04, 2009, 09:40:34 AM
So, I have 16 Stribes all wired up and soldered... just need to do the links and get the LED driver chips all in -- testing will proceed as soon as Curiousinventor stribe shields arrive I shall get underway...

However I am thinking of the best way to hook it up.

Shall I have two Arduinos and 8 Stribes (one Arduino per) or 13 on one Stribe and 3 on the other with perhaps the remaining channels used for (say) 10 potentiometers?

Thoughts? Ideas?

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