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The Stribe Project - ForumGeneral CategorycommerceTopic: Kits, Stribes, Parts
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Author Topic: Kits, Stribes, Parts  (Read 25688 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 12:08:26 AM »

Assembled Duos and Quads Now Available!

"Stribe1" - A single-stribe is available assembled or as a kit via Curious Inventor.

The Stribe1 kit is designed to work as a single unit, or can be multiplied into a multi-strip controller, up to 8 units with existing circuits, more with some modifications to the circuit required (power consumption).  It is recommended to build multiple 8-stribe1 units and connect each one to its own USB port, and use of an external powered hub is also suggested. 

Stribe1 isn't standalone, and requires a microcontroller such as an Arduino or Arduino MINI to power it, and to interface it to your computer.  As an example an Arduino MINI can easily control 8 Stribe1s, more if a multiplexer circuit is added.  I'm currently working on a stribe8 that will work with an Arduino Nano.

Custom configurations and case colors are also available.  Get in touch!


The original 2-board, 8-up Stribe Prototype has been discontinued, but I'll continue to provide support for it here.


I do have a few original circuit boards from the Proto.  Send me an e-mail if you're interested in a piece of history!   Wink

Of course this project is an Open design, so feel free to find your own parts and build a Stribe Prototype!  All the information you need to build the original Stribe Prototype is available on this site, and here: http://www.stribe.org

Thanks for all the support during the first phase of the project!  Let's see what happens next...

I'll leave the original kit descriptions here for posterity's sake, and your amusement.


Complete Stribe Prototype Kit (you build it)

No longer available

This gets you ALL the parts on the Parts List, which is everything you need to build a case-less Stribe Prototype, except solder and tools.  The Arduino MINI is pre-flashed with the most recent firmware before shipment.  I may make a run of extra cases that can be purchased separately but that is in the future.

You may choose the color of your LED bargraphs.  Choose an assortment and make your own design, or pick a single color.  112 bar-graphs are required, each column/meter uses 7 bar-graphs.  Available LED bargraph colors: green, amber, red.

unbox pic: http://www.aculei.net/~mjoyce/dump/stribeunbox.jpg
illustrated build instructions: http://www.stribe.org
build logs: http://soundwidgets.com/smf/index.php?board=5.0

uC Hacker's Kit (you build it)

No longer available
Same as Complete Kit above, MINUS the Arduino MINI, the Arduino USB, associated sockets and the reset switch.  You will need to provide your own microcontroller or other method for controlling the display and sensors, and powering the board.

Pre-Built Stribe Prototype Kit (I build it for you)

No longer available

You may choose the color of your LED bargraphs.  Choose an assortment and make your own design, or pick a single color.  112 bar-graphs are required, each column/meter uses 7 bar-graphs.  Available LED bargraph colors: green, amber, red.

"I was honestly imagining something much more prototype-like would show up at my door: wires sticking out, sharp edges everywhere, exploding components.  Yes, it is open, case-less electronics and even well-hidden scotch tape is involved, but it feels more solid and operates in a much more substantial way than I expected... There's a compact sleekness to the Stribe prototype that doesn't come across well in the images." - Vlad Spears

Circuit boards
These are green production-style, high quality 2 and 4-layer (respectively) RoHs compliant circuit boards with plated-through holes and a detailed silkscreen indicating parts location and orientation.  All connections are labeled right on the board.  Take a look: Driver board, LED board, circuits

LED board 0.4 - 2-layer board which holds 112 bargraphs/IC sockets (board dimensions: 7.3" x 7.5")
$50.00 USD
5 in stock

Driver board 0.4e - 4-layer board holds 16 MAX7221 driver circuits, a spot for the logic and USB circuits, and a proto area (7.5" x 8.5")
$75.00 USD
5 in stock

Touch Strips
These are extremely durable membrane touch sensors from SpectraSymbol.  The sticker they are attached to is clear, the sensitive part of the softpot is the silver center strip.  They are an off-the-shelf part, so not exactly task-specific, and are imprinted with the maker's logo in a very visible spot.  I am discussing a custom part with SpectraSymbol which will not have the logo and will move the left-hand bus bar away from the left column of LEDs for a more finished look.

A variety of sizes and shapes of SpectraSymbol Softpots are now available for purchase from Stribe Project associate curiousinventor.com.  Every Softpot purchased helps support Soundwidgets.com and Stribe.org!

Bargain Corner


I have some leftover parts and prototype boards that some hardware hackers or fellow experimenters might be interested in messing-around-with.  A jumper here, a little rewiring there, and they can be perfectly usable Stribes.  Let me know if you'd be interested in one of these and we can work something out.  I'm open to barter.

None of this comes with any guarantees.  This project is in the prototype phase and as such you will have to do most of the work yourself.  It is a challenging build with thousands of solder joints.  Shorts can be very difficult to track down.  You might burn yourself on your soldering iron or become extremely frustrated with your computer.  I cannot be held responsible.  I will do my best to help you out within reason but mostly you are on your own with what you already know, can learn on the web, or can find on this site (which will be continually updated for the foresee-able future). 

If you get the Stribe prototype kit parts and realize you are in way over your head you can send them back to me and I'll build it for you for a reasonable fee.  You can also return the parts, un-assembled (e.g no solder) for a full refund (less shipping) within 30 days.

If you buy a complete Stribe prototype from me and it has lots of problems or you just can't get it working or you change your mind, contact me withing 10 days of receipt, and you may return it to me, no-questions-asked, assuming it is in as-received condition.  You will be responsible for the return postage.

Prices subject to change due to fluctuations in parts prices and availability.

"Well you touch it and it makes sounds."
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The Stribe Project - ForumGeneral CategorycommerceTopic: Kits, Stribes, Parts
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