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February 18, 2018, 01:20:28 PM
The Stribe Project - ForumGeneral CategoryhellobuildTopic: Foxy's Stribe 16 - The ruggedization and resurrection
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Author Topic: Foxy's Stribe 16 - The ruggedization and resurrection  (Read 2609 times)
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« on: March 04, 2010, 02:14:02 PM »

The Stribe 16 has been used a few times since you last saw it, problem is its a thick brute and there is a lot of wire inside to go wrong, somehow along the way mission creep struck and wires would drop off, the screws and bolts would come loose, the max/msp patches were never all that good and basically it was a toss up between taking it onstage and wondering if it would crap out on me or if it might get through the show. The Aurora i never got on with, I love the knob layout but the whole thing never really did it for me.

This is nothing to do with curiousinventor's design or josh's approach this is just base casework. Fine for a studio it won't do for gigging!

I wanted a rugged Stribe and knobs!

Last week the Monome 128 suffered catastrophic failure and the Stribe failed to light up at all, so I sold the 128 and am getting a Greyscale 64, but the Stribe is going to be reborn into one tuff l'il unit.

Here you go:

This is a big block of 5083 Aluminium which I will be having hewn into shape on a 5-axis miller in my university's 3D workshop and then hard anodized. Next to it is the original Stribe 16 with the acrylic tops which works well enough as a protoype but is thick and heavy. Reengineering it will make it thinner and a *much* lower profile controller. I have found a way to save height, add knobs *and* minimize the number of internal cables.

With some careful thinking about the way the boards will go I can shave off at leave half the thickness to 28mm. That's dictated by the 27mm or so for the Stribe Shield (on a Seeeduino) and 20mm for the stribe itself It'll be heavier but less likely to bend, bow, buckle, break and otherwise cause issues that means I cannot setup without hardware issues.

The Stribe's resurrection starts by removing it from its case (which was recycled in the plastics department) -- here we have just half of them  and taking apart each part of it and reassessing the board design for ruggedness, stability and overall design suitability for a performance tool. With the shortcomings in mind I can retrofit some strengthening to the boards and the whole thing will be milled in one go.  I am not a CAD person or at least not with 5-axis milling machines so I sit with Howard who runs the department and we go through each aspect of how I want it to be and how it will appear.

Its a Screwless device -- the only threaded sections so far are part of the fader board. Each finger channel can be chamfered as well as the top and the bottom. I might as well put a bloody Apple logo on it.

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The Stribe Project - ForumGeneral CategoryhellobuildTopic: Foxy's Stribe 16 - The ruggedization and resurrection
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